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Bringing heroes home, featuring Caleb Carr of Vita Inclinata

A helicopter rescue mission gone awry fuels this manโ€™s mission to bring heroes home safely with drones built for aircraft load stabilization.

As a Black Hawk helicopterโ€™s rotors whop-whop-whopped overhead in their fight for command of the winds amid a stormy โ€“ and ultimately failed โ€“ rescue mission, a teenage Caleb Carr had a life-shaping experience that led him, many years later, to launch Vita Inclinata, a mission-focused company pioneering aerial load stabilization.

Whether for medical evacuation, construction, firefighting, or many other applications, tethering loads to aircraft has always suffered from issues. Pilots of rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft alike must balance opposing forces to hoist humans and cargo safely. We learn from Caleb about the difficult decisions heโ€™s faced in building a tech company with one mission: bringing heroes home.

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